Treadstone Resource Partners has acted as trusted corporate adviser to a range of high quality clients and established a track record of successfully executing across a broad range of corporate and financing transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, capital raisings and strategic investments.

Divestment of the Stockman Project to

A$47 million

Placement & ANREO

A$110 million

Gruyere Joint Venture with

A$350 million

Acquisition of coal assets from

NZ$96 million

Acquisition of

A$21 million

Divestment of Pajingo Gold Mine to

A $52 million

Placement & ANREO

A$74 million

Strategic Equity Placement

A$1.5 million

Placement & ANREO

US$25 million

Restructuring of Debt Facilities with

A$140 million

Placement & ANREO

A$25 million

Acquisition Debt Financing

A$550 million

Acquisition of and Demerger of

A$1.8 billion

Acquisition of Mount Gordon from

A$55 million

Placement & SPP

A$40 million


A$23 million

Strategic Investment in Sycle

US$78 million

Strategic Investment in Saluda Medical


Strategic Investment in EarLens Corporation



Expert 360


Standard Media Index

Digital age

Defence of takeover offer from


Merger with


Acquisition of


Formation of Evolution Mining via merger and asset acquisition involving


Merger with


Sale of Coal assets to


Acquisition by


Sale of Coal Exploration Assets to Consortium


Merger with


Sale of 17.6% stake in


Acquisition of


Sale to


Acquisition of

A$195 million

Hybrid, AREO, bridge acquisition financing of

A$260; $190; $450m

AREOs, placement for acquisitions of 14 Ramsay hospitals

A$130; $218; $53m

Acquisition financing


Restructure, investment exit from


Sale to




AREO & Placements

A$103m / $54m

AREO, Convertible bond

A$910m; US$350m

AREO, placement and hedge book restructure




Restructure and Recapitalisation




AREO & Placement

A$2,000m / $750m

AREO, placement

A$1,200m; A$350m



Unsecured subordinated notes & warrants


Restructure, exit of investment in

Value : A$47 million
Date : June 2017(announced)
Independence Group entered into an agreement with CopperChem, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Washington H. Soul Pattinson and Company Limited, for the divestment of the Stockman Project
Value : A$110 million
Date : February 2017
Dacian Gold completed a A$110 million equity raising comprising an institutional placement and accelerated, non-renounceable entitlement offer (ANREO)
Value : A$350 million
Date : December 2016
Gold Road entered into a 50:50 joint venture with Gold Fields for the development of the Gruyere Gold Project
Value : NZ$96 million
Date : November 2016 (announced)
Bathurst Resources, in a joint venture with Talley’s Energy, acquired coal mining assets in New Zealand from Solid Energy
Value : A$21 million
Date : November 2016
Independence Group acquired Windward Resources via an off-market takeover transaction
Value : A $52 million
Date : September 2016
Evolution Mining divested the Pajingo Gold Mine to Minjar Gold
Value : A$74 million
Date : May 2016
Gold Road raised A$74 million via a placement and accelerated, non-renounceable entitlement offer
Value : A$1.5 million
Date : May 2016
Independence Group subscribed for shares in ABM Resources in accordance with the Lake Mackay Joint Venture
Value : US$25 million
Date : December 2015
Tiger Resources raised US$25m via a placement and accelerated, non-renounceable entitlement offer supported by RCF and IFC
Value : A$140 million
Date : November 2015
Aurelia Metals refinanced and restructured the terms of its debt facilities with Glencore
Value : A$25 million
Date : November 2015
Dacian Gold raised A$25 million via a placement and accelerated, non-renounceable entitlement offer
Value : A$550 million
Date : November 2015
Independence Group secured a new A$550 million corporate debt facility to finance the acquisition of Sirius Resources
Value : A$1.8 billion
Date : September 2015
Independence Group acquired Sirius Resources and completed a demerger of S2 Resources via Schemes of Arrangement
Value : A$55 million
Date : September 2015
Lighthouse Minerals and EMR Capital acquired the Mt Gordon Copper Operations from Aditya Birla
Value : A$40 million
Date : June 2016
Gold Road raised A$40 million via a placement and share purchase plan
Value : A$23 million
Date : September 2014
Gold Road raised A$23 million via a placement
Value : US$78 million
Date : May 2017
Cochlear acquired audiology software company Sycle
Value : Confidential
Date : September 2016
Cochlear invested in chronic pain management company Saluda Medical
Value : Confidential
Date : June 2016
Cochlear invested in hearing device company Saluda Medical
Value : C$7,500m
Value : A$5,100m
Value : A$142m
Value : A$1,200m
Value : A$1,200m
Value : US$760m
Value : $387m
Value : A$580m
Value : A$1,800m
Value : A$1,700m
Value : A$510m
Value : A$608m
Value : A$195 million
Date : March 2005
Value : A$260; $190; $450m
Date : May 2005
Value : A$130; $218; $53m
Date : january 2005
Value : A$2,663m
Date : November 2006
Value : Confidential
Value : NZ$20m
Date : May 2012
Value : A$400m
Value : A$103m / $54m
Value : A$910m; US$350m
Value : A$204m
Value : €1,740m
Value : A$756m
Value : A$165m
Value : A$2,000m / $750m
Value : A$1,200m; A$350m
Value : A$186m
Value : A$110m
Value : A$65m